Firefox does not appear to support IPv6 link-local addresses

A link-local address is usable only with an explicit specification of the egress interface on which it is reachable. A communication using link-local addresses can be successful only on a common link between two nodes and only if the communicating application is able to specify the exact outgoing interface. Routing protocols in IPv6 use the DHCPv6 and link-local IPv6 interface addresses - ISC DHCP Oct 25, 2018 What are the differences between the IPv6 options in Link-local only: Only create a link-local fe80::/64 address via StateLess Address AutoConfiguration (SLAAC). Link-local addresses are not publicly routable. This is the IPv6 equivalent of IPv4's 169.254/16 link-local addresses. The base station will be reachable via IPv6 only from other devices on the data-link networks (wired and wireless Ethernet) directly connected to the base station.

When an application specifies a destination link-local address (fe80::10, for example) without a scope ID, it is not clear which adapter to use to send the packet. Only a link-local unicast (fe80::/64) or a link-scope multicast (ff00::/8) IPv6 destination address can suffer from not having a scope ID when sending a packet. Neighbor Discovery

Jul 09, 2017 · The last option (Link-local only,) should assign private IPv6 addresses; those would be addresses that begin with "FE." More Less Jul 10, 2017 2:00 PM In an IPv6 network, it is possible to use only link-local addresses on infrastructure links between routers. This document discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to facilitate the decision process for a given network.

Both portions are 64-bits long, so the first 64-bits of an IPv6 address is the network address (sometimes referred to as a network ID or network prefix), and the last 64-bits of an IPv6 address is a unique host ID for the specific network ID.The four methods of assigning IPv6 addresses are. Manual Interface ID Assignment: An address is manually assigned to an interface.

I suspect the checks only look for local IPv4 addresses and I'm getting bounced when I happen to use IPv6. A lot of networks use IPv6 these days, even if you don't think you are, e.g., mDNS with link-local IPv6 addresses when routable prefixes are not available. (That's the reason for the link-local prefix -- so you can plug things together and