Type 1: Connected directly to the Internet Type 2: Connected to the Internet via a router Type 3: Connected to the Internet via a router With type 3, it may not be possible to communicate with other PS3™ systems, and voice / video chat and the communication features of games may be restricted. In this case, see [Connecting to PSN SM] in this How to Connect Wireless Internet (WiFi) to a PlayStation 3 Feb 10, 2020 Internet Connection: Ethernet is Not Connected I use an ethernet cable from my modem to connect the PS3 for the internet. I have been doing this for 6-7 months with no problem, but not the PS3 says "ethernet cable is not connected." My modem 16 Things You Can Do When You Don't Have Internet At Home

While a PS3 can do WPA-2 it cannot do PEAP, LEAP, or other authentication methods. A router cannot do this either. The only way to make this work (besides getting your LAN port fixed) would be to:

Nov 12, 2018 PS3: System Freezes or Won't Start - PlayStation My PS3™ System Freezes or Doesn't Start. If the PlayStation®3 system freezes or freezes while on the XMB screen: Enter Safe Mode and select [Restore File System]. [Restore File System] will attempt to repair any damaged files on the internal hard drive that may … Can I still connect to the internet with a jailbroken PS3

Windows 7 - PS3 no internet access problem - Windows 7

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