Jul 29, 2016 · Follow these steps if you wish to enable IE logging in event viewer: a. Click “Start” and click “Run.” b. Type “regedit.exe” and hit “Enter.” c. Locate the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\Feature_Enable_Compat_Logging . d.

Oct 31, 2012 Employee Internet Usage Monitoring Software & Tool To identify internet abuse, and excessive internet usage. Keep tab of employee internet transactions that can cause attacks / virus in your environment. Get notification on, when an employee tries to access restricted sites, like streaming and chat sites. Get notified on anomalies like sudden spike in internet … Does the computer keep a log of connecting/disconnecting Hi, · Is it a wired or wireless network? · Have you made any changes on the computer prior to the issue? Follow the suggestions listed below for a possible fix: Method 1: To keep a log of connecting/disconnecting to the network/internet, you may download and install the software.Refer the below mentioned link for more information: What is the Enable logging (troubleshooting) option? - Outlook

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In general, you can access the router setup page by using the software utility that came with your router or by typing in the address line of an Internet browser. Enter your username and password when prompted and you will have access to the router setup menus.

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