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Dynamic DNS with Bash & Afraid.org | Linuxaria Posted by linuxari at 22:52 Tagged with: afraid.org, automation, bash, dns providers, dynamic dns, dyndns, ip changes, linux, shell, static ip address 3 Responses to “Dynamic DNS with Bash & Afraid.org” domain name system - How to limit dynamic DNS updates If during dynamic update registration a client determines that its name is already registered in DNS with an IP address that belongs to another computer, by default the client attempts to replace the registration of the other computer's IP address with the new IP address. Linux: Setup as DNS Client / Name Server IP Address Dec 01, 2004

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33.5. Managing Dynamic DNS Updates Red Hat Enterprise

In order to use Dynamic DNS for www.exampledns.com, you will need to create another profile by clicking on the "New" button one more time.Enter the host as www, domain as exampledns.com, enter the Dynamic DNS password, select the "Auto detect my IP address" option and choose how often to update the client and then click on Save.