Before following this guide, you will need to install DD-WRT on your router. To do this, you will need to go to DD-WRT's router database and search for your router's model number to see if your router is compatible or find a beta build for your router. This guide uses KONG's beta build of DD-WRT v3.0-r31520M on a Netgear R7000.

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The R7000 is a Good TOP END router, perfect for running DD-WRT OpenVPN producing good VPN through speeds, this is down to its Main Processor (CPU) that handles the VPN encryption. The R7000 has 128MB flash with 256MB of RAM making it the ideal choice for the price.

Thanks for putting up such an interesting and educative site, I am a strong fan of DD-WRT, i flash my R7000, with the following build (DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/15/14) kongac – build 24865M) and it seem to drop internet connection one i have upto 7 or more users. it stats kicking them of the network and also drops internet connection.

Buy AC1900 (R7000) Nighthawk Smart Dual Band WiFi Router. Speed to support gaming, streaming and mobile surfing. Enjoy less lag & less buffering now! Mar 17, 2019 · Ever since October 2018 Netgear has stopped people from installing custom firmwares on the Netgear R7000 by not allowing them to downgrade firmware past a certain level. I have found a bypass to