Enabling or disabling the public IP addressing feature during instance launch, which overrides the subnet's public IP addressing attribute. For more information, see Assigning a public IPv4 address during instance launch .

IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry Dec 27, 2019 Requesting IP Addresses or ASNs - American Registry for Information on requesting new Internet number resources from ARIN, which can include IP addresses or Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). Please review some of the general guidelines below and then refer to the specific instructions for the type of resources you would like to request.

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Private and Public IP Address Ranges at ADI Blog Public IP addresses will be issued by an Internet Service Provider and will have number ranges from 1 to 191 in the first octet, with the exception of the private address ranges that start at 10.0.0 for Class A private networks and 172.16.0 for the Class B private addresses. What is IP space? - Quora Jul 16, 2015

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The following article illustrates how to configure the use of public IP space on the trust side of a firewall. This is common in data center networks and other networks that require the use of public IP space with the protection of a firewall. There is also information on the combination of public … IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry