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Theoretically as most of the answers here, fiber is slightly slower than copper, so you will have more latency on fiber, how much more, in the range of nanoseconds.

How to Reduce Ping and Improve Online Gaming. - BounceGeek Here, you can limit your bandwidth. I suggest you set a 10% limit. And, with Windows update, your Game will work with lower ping. Conclusion – Summing – up. So, these are the solutions, which you can try to reduce ping in Online Games. If your plan is lower than 5Mbps then you should contact ISP to upgrade plan. Also, you should avoid using How to lower your ping in online games, VoIP and web

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Lower your ping in games by evading ISP throttling and optimising the rate of packets. Servers Wherever your game servers are located. We have servers across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Easy to Use Software Ping Booster has specially designed its Windows Software your favorite game connection. Do you know of any free software to reduce ping while No. There is a basic function of physics that you have to overcome to reduce Ping. * Your computer shows not have any unnecessary processes running and it should be as fast as possible. * Your Internet connection should be as fast and as low laten What Is Ping and How Ping Affects Your Online Gaming