Same problem. Used brian's addon, set it up for Openelec, modified with the files from my VPN provider that I use on my Windows machine, IPVANISH. Tested with Putty. Openvpn runs from /usr/sbin. Configured settings (location etc) with Brian's addon. Ran the addon, but got the same message: "unable to connect to openvpn management interface"

Unable to connect to Cisco VPN. Error: Connection Dec 12, 2013 Troubleshooting GlobalProtect - Palo Alto Networks Sep 26, 2019

Mar 09, 2016

Upgraded from 2.4.6 to 2.4.8 (Windows 10). 2.4.6 was very stable - no configs have been changed etc. After the upgrade to 2.4.8 I notice that when I put by computer with an active connection to standby / hibernation and wake it up later it will not reconnect. server.conf file local # SWAP THIS NUMBER WITH YOUR RASPBERRY PI IP ADDRESS dev tun proto udp #Some people prefer to use tcp. Don't change it if you don't know. unable to obtain session ID from, ports=443: XML-RPC function GetSession with 1 arguments may not be called at the configured relay level. The OpenVPN Connect Client program for Windows and macOS by default uses server-locked profiles. WARNING: DO NOT RUN THE COMMANDS IN THIS ARTICLE ON AN ACCESS SERVER THAT IS ALREADY INSTALLED AND IS ALREADY IN USE Sometimes upon first boot of the OpenVPN Access Server Virtual Appliance the ovpn-init script does not run properly. The ovpn-init script pre-configures certain setting in order for the OpenVPN Access Server to […]

May 30, 2019

unable to launch vpn gui error code 1 - Cisco Community I have a situation where I need to update the anyconnect client on 1000 remote users. I am not finding an easy way to do this because the only way to push the new client requires the the computers to be connected to the VPN and if we push the client Unable to Launch the VPN GUI - Cisco Community Re: Unable to Launch the VPN GUI Hi Hommel, Its usually caused by either an application conflict, so check the list of the applications running on the machine … (Solved) Unable To Launch The Vpn Gui Error Code Tutorial