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ESXi Commands List - networking commands | ESX Virtualization May 12, 2016 Use ip and ss Commands Instead of ifconfig and netstat Use ip and ss Commands. Use the ip and ss commands to view a list of network interfaces and information for IP addresses.. Although the ifconfig command and the netstat command work on Photon OS, VMware recommends that you use the ip or ss commands. The ipconfig and netstat commands are deprecated.. For example, to display a list of network interfaces, run the ss command instead of netstat.

Jul 07, 2017 · Another command will give you details about the layer 2 properties of the interface: its MAC address (ethernet address), etc; even if it is shown by ip address: ip link show. Furthermore, you can set devices up or down (similar to ifconfig eth0 up or ifconfig eth0 down) simply by using: ip link set DEVICE up or ip link set DEVICE down

Command Line Interface $ curl ifconfig.me ⇒ $ curl ifconfig.me/ip ifconfig - Wikipedia ifconfig is a system administration utility in Unix-like operating systems for network interface configuration. The utility is a command-line interface tool and is also used in the system startup scripts of many operating systems. It has features for configuring, controlling, and querying TCP/IP network interface parameters. Linux networking: ifconfig versus ip | Enable Sysadmin

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