Yes, there is a manual IP address assigned to eth1 which is added to br-ex. But still couldn't ping the gateway. (I have briefed my setup in one of my previous post in this thread) I'm using Ubuntu 15.04 (all nodes - controller, network & compute in the same machine)

May 24, 2014 · nao conecta nem a pau' msm se ponho no automatico ou manual' isso significa que o cabo esta ruim, ou mal conectado, defeito esta no cabo. eu troquei o cabo e Before you ping an integration gateway, you must define the gateway URL. To ping an integration gateway: Access the Gateways page (select select PeopleTools, then select Integration Broker, then select Configuration, then select Gateways). Select the integration gateway to ping. The Gateways page appears. Click the Ping Gateway button. Feb 28, 2018 · i tried to ping following address: - OK. (on machine - OK. (gateway) -Failed. now the problem is a little bit clear, i cannot ping the gateway and other machine. what's the actual problem ? these addresses are assigned automatically by the system. At the same time all devices inside the subnet will forward the traffic for as usual to the gateway because the device do not have any routes for the However, now the gateway has a route for to forward the traffic to the Linksys router at

1 day ago · If I try to ping from the second location, it doesn't work, the host can not be found. However, if I try to ping a server (Site 1) that only has a local IP (so no public IP, and the default gateway is, from site 2, it works fine. So, from my server, I can access anything on the subnet.

For other types of networks, a gateway is a node routing know how to proceed. Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) of "Gateway Ping" when I'd run the network test.

Nov 28, 2016 · Ping is a network administration utility or tool used to test connectivity on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. It also measures the latency or delay between two computers. To test network connectivity with ping: Open the Command Prompt or Terminal.

The host of Router 2 ( ) can ping the 2nd host or Router 1 but is not pinging the 1st host of Router 1. But the 2nd host of Router 1 can ping the 1st host and vice versa. Here is the output of "show ip route". Router 1 ( Gateway of last resort is to network In a MAC-based layer 2 like Ethernet, the source will ARP the destination's IP address to discover its MAC address, encapsulate the ping packet in an L2 frame addressed to the discovered MAC and send it over - no gateway required or used.